Thursday, October 02, 2003

Why Bloomington?

You may wonder why I have all this on my page about Bloomington. Well, I have a very close friend that lives in that area and works for State Farm. She moved there directly after she graduated from SIU and loves it. When I visited I loved it. My fiancee and I are looking into living there after we get married next year. I am a little apprehensive about finding a job straight out of school. With hard work I hope to live and work in the Bloomington area, so I am searching out what the area is all about.
The Pantagraph
This is Bloomington's newspaper.
The Bloomington Yellow Pages
A quick way to get those numbers. This may help when that deadline is creeping up.

City Hall, The Fire Department and the Police Department
Read mission statements, programs, a letter from the chief of police and other helpful documents that will give you a feel for the area.
What's Happening in Bloomington?
This website supplies links and information about what is going on and what is offered in Bloomington. A good way to learn about the area.
Bloomington Newspapers
This is a list of the newspaper services offered in Bloomington, Illinois. I found this list through the Switchboard website. You can learn details, directions, addresses and more about the newspaper services in the area.

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