Thursday, October 02, 2003

Why Bloomington?

You may wonder why I have all this on my page about Bloomington. Well, I have a very close friend that lives in that area and works for State Farm. She moved there directly after she graduated from SIU and loves it. When I visited I loved it. My fiancee and I are looking into living there after we get married next year. I am a little apprehensive about finding a job straight out of school. With hard work I hope to live and work in the Bloomington area, so I am searching out what the area is all about.
The Pantagraph
This is Bloomington's newspaper.
The Bloomington Yellow Pages
A quick way to get those numbers. This may help when that deadline is creeping up.

City Hall, The Fire Department and the Police Department
Read mission statements, programs, a letter from the chief of police and other helpful documents that will give you a feel for the area.
What's Happening in Bloomington?
This website supplies links and information about what is going on and what is offered in Bloomington. A good way to learn about the area.
Bloomington Newspapers
This is a list of the newspaper services offered in Bloomington, Illinois. I found this list through the Switchboard website. You can learn details, directions, addresses and more about the newspaper services in the area.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Using Email

Forget envelopes, stamps, the two day wait and confusions with cities and zipcodes. In this advanced technological world we can email between thousands of miles and across the oceans. We can have friends from far away lands and talk to them as regularly as we do our parents. There was a time when I took for granted that everyone had an email account that they used on a daily basis. This isn't always the case. I have encountered a few teachers that don't rely of the internet because of limited computer and internet access. Developing an account and getting set up is never a bad idea.
Hotmail and Yahoo! are the two sites that I find to be the most popular and the most conveniant. If you don't already have an account, I suggest to visit these sites and set yourself up. It's fun conveniant and easy.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Who Feels Left Out?

The field of journalism has thought to be one in which success is more challenging and painstaking if a writer belongs to a minority group. This means that women , African Americans , Hispanic Americans , Asian Americans , and others are struggling in their journalism professions. These organizations allow a member to learn about the history of their peers in the field and speak with others that are experiencing the same difficulties. Some allow membership for free and others require an amount in dues, but activity in a group always carriers the possibilities of new friendships, beneficial contacts and resources or future career possibilities.
Recommended by Christopher Callahan's A Journalist's Guide to the Internet , these sites are listed in hope that a struggling writer or producer will find their way to success and happiness in their desired position. The advice is to work hard and get involved.

For A Little Government Information

These sites have been suggested by professors and textbooks to everyone searching for candidate information, the legislative process, statistics, laws or just about anything else that may lead you to research the United States Government. There are thousands other websites that are just as credible and helpful, but I hope these few help you begin your search.
For the Democrats
For the Republicans
Are a democrat or a republican? These are the links to the National Committees, recommended by Christopher Callahan's A Journalist's Guide to the Internet , to learn about candidates and how the internet is important to even the politicians
Thomas Jefferson
Vote Smart
Special-Interest Groups
These websites are recommended in my class text, A Journalist's Guide to the Internet by Christopher Callahan, and supply a wealth of information from legislation to special-interest groups. These sites can be great for fun facts or story ideas.
The Census Bureau
This page is filled with news, data, updates, photos, fact finders and many other beneficial categories to help get that information fast and accurate.
The U.S. Army
Learn about the army, news, recruiting, joining, and the pros and cons of serving your country.
The White House
This is the official website for the White House. Learn about the president, his wife, the vice president, his wife, the news, replay a presidential address, learn about issues, offices and appointments. This is a good site to have on your list when learning, teaching or writing about governmental issues.
Central Intelligence Agency
You can get statistics, ask questions, read about or take the virtual tour of the CIA, obtain directory information and so much more on this website. It has been helpful in getting basic background and statistics for everyday topics people wonder about.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Links for the Journalist

These links are for the journalist in everyone. You can learn, join, and research organizations or classes available on the internet. These are good tidbits to know for the aspiring journalist.
Better Journalism
Do you want some helpful hints so you may improve on our journalistic abilities? Visit this cite and you can learn how to improve.
The News
This directs you to the CNN website. Get the news off the internet in case you don't have tv. Keep up on the latest.
What's True on the Web?
Learn what cites are truthful and which are for real. This is a great help when credibility is questionable.
Reporter's Organizations
A website that lists existing organizations awaiting your expertise. This can be a great help when a reporter is looking for a way to get a foot in the door.
For the Reporter
This is also a page of links. Great for research and topics.
Top Searches
This will connect you to a page of links that will help a journalist find job openings, research pages and contact information. It's a great help.
Reporter's Guide to the Internet
This is a page of links to help the journalist find information, webpages and all the sources possible. I love it!!

Thursday, September 11, 2003

A Personal Look

I hope these links help to learn about me. I have listed everything from my resume to my wedding. Take a look, these sites help you to learn of a great way to get out information about yourself. These can help lead to ideas, online friends around the world or even help land you a job. Enjoy!!
My resume
Need a journalist on your staff? I have posted my resume online through msn and hope that it helps get my name and qualifications into the hands of prospective employers.
My Media Law Webpage
I had to create this website for a project in my media law course. This has some great search engines and updates on media law. For anyone in a law course, this will help locate unknown terms and cases under Constitutional, Federal or State law. Good luck!!
The Knot
This one is for the girls. Planning a wedding a need some tips, organizers, and ideas? This website has all that and more. You can register online, make guestlists, personalize folders to save all favorite pictures or ideas and much much more. I love this page and hope you will too.
My Wedding Webpage
Take a look at the webpage I created a while ago. The details of my wedding, reception and wedding party are listed here. A few details about my engagement and "how it happened" are posted here. I hope it is a good source for those of you with wedding plans in sight.

The Development of "Getting to Know the Web"

I sat down in Professor Recktenwald's Investigative Reporting class unaware of the course objective. Come to find out we were learning how to better surf the internet. I thought I was skilled at the web, but it turns out there were a lot of ins and outs I didn't know. This blog is the outcome of our mid-term project, but I hope it becomes a way for other web surfers to find their way to my favorite and most beneificial websites.
Investigative Reporting
The website and research page for Professor Recktenwald's Investigative Reporting course. This course showed me the ins and outs of searching the www as well as helped develop me into a better qualified and more intelligent journalist.
Professor Recktenwald's Page
A professor at Southern Illinois University. I have taken a couple of his courses, including the one that assigned this webpage as a mid-term project.

Maps and Directions

Maps! Maps! Maps!
You can plan a trip, look into sites and sounds, find new places and even buy maps or atlases. This site could help with directions and plans.
The United States Postal Service
Find out directions, zip codes, addresses, city names and much more information about the world. This will help if your mail is not getting to the right place.
Maps on Us
Maps on us is a great way to find directions. Make sure you consult this website before jumping your car and going on a trip, it could save you time.
Getting directions the quick and easy way. Type in your current location and desired location...and BOOM...you've got detailed directions.

Get a Phone Number

The White Pages
Another quick way to find a number. This allows you to search for a person or a business, making the process faster and easier.
The Yellow Pages
Find a business here. Learn the location, name or number. It is easier and faster than the phone book.
Cell Phone Numbers
It seems that mobile phones are replacing home phones and it is becoming more convienent to get a hold of someone while they are on the go. This will help if you've had complications finding a number.
Looking for a phone number? This will surely help whether it's a personal number or business. I hope it helps in search of a source or a friend.

Remembering 9/11

On the 2-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in New York and the pentagon in Washington, D.C., the world remembers the lives lost and the families grieving. The people of Carbondale, Illinois once felt a world away from the people of New York, but when the terrorist attacks filled the broadcasts and newspapers of every news show or publication we felt connected. Visit a tribute to the tragic day of September 11, 2001 .

A List of Newspapers

The Chicago Sun Times
Another national newspaper that is full of sites, sounds, smells and happenings around the world and in journalism.
The Southern Illinoisan
This is the online publication of Carbondale, Illinois' local newspaper. Learn about the area and the university.
The Daily Egyptian
This is the my college campus's student produced newspaper. It is a daily publication that includes every section you could ask for. This online publication includes everything from personals to sports. Enjoy!
The Chicago Tribune
This is another national newspaper I access online. They also allow free subscription and easy access to the full publication.
The Mt. Vernon Register News
My hometown in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. This is the local newspaper's online publication. You can learn all about the area from the crime to the fun activities.
The New York Times
The website to the New York Times allows you subscribe for free and receive the day's top headlines in your email box or just access the entire publication online.

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